Quick Seedling Update!


​There’s also a Solo Cup Grow challenge that I will show off some of my genetics in. Since they are somewhat (mostly) unstable I can do a nice phenohunt. I will grow out several seeds of I think Cinderella in a solo cup, whichever ones show the most signs of stress I will transplant since I want to preserve the best genetics even if I am going to participate in this Solo Grow Challenge. 

Challenge: 16oz cup Grow, medium of your choice; no transplant, 12-12 start to finish

I start my seeds in Pete pellete and since I am doing my own phenohunt for these seeds I am going to remove the ones that I think will do best in larger containers. I am comfortable stressing/growing my plants with a Bonsai technique so growing in a single cup will be familiar territory. As far as the challenge goes, I think it would be much more beneficial for a single transplant, a 1L bottle cut i. Half provides a perfect container and can sustain a crop better than a solo cup. The challenge is the challenge I know.

I have some seeds started that I want to grow out for the summer. I still have my indoor system not active which hopefully in  60 days I will have some males/females to breed out again. I haven’t decided If I am going to pop more seeds for the challenge or use one of these that are just now sprouting.



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