Garden Update(s)

Today is Mother’s Day and I got my Mom a Wine Book, it has wines from all over the world; their age, location, and a lot of facts that hopefully one day the cannabis culture will have as well!

I spent some time with my mothers in the garden today as well.

Gold Ribbon – purple showing, fat

Gold Ribbon – bright green, cactus like

Pink Ribbon sisters – no update on these

Brown Ribbon – Mother of All

Cinderella – Seed Stock

I have seeds showing their tap root for both Gold Ribbon, as well as some Cinderella seeds that are a week behind from the Gold Ribbon. I pulled the seeds a bit early on the Gold Ribbon, there were still plenty to pluck today in the garden, but the first pass of removing seeds about two weeks ago was premature to say the least. I saw some dark brown seeds and those may have been the only seeds ready to pull, each seed I pulled has started to show their tap root but only after a lot of techniques to revive the seeds.

When I plucked the Cinderella seeds I made sure to only grab the ones that fell out of their husk easily, I left the rest on the mother plant to mature which is what I harvested today. About a week ago was the first pass at removing he seeds from my Cinderella mother, during that time I dried out the Gold Ribbon seeds, grabbed a razor and scrapped away at the spine of the husk, I will go into more detail on the process and some techniques I have picked up. So far the scraping method has been a huge success for me and when I scraped the Cinderella seeds they popped within 4 hours, I walked inside and came back out to check on them and they were ready for Pete pellets.

As for the genetics, most of these are still entirely unknown. I do have the mothers but I pollinated each with frozen pollen I harvested from several males in 2016. The upside is that all of these seeds have he same father(s) effectively, a cryo-bastard series. The naming conventions I have made are the same you would find from any grower starting their F1s, I prefer to back cross and so each of my plants are F1s, culling the ones I don’t like and keeping sister/mother plants like the Gold Ribbon.

White Widow is the only known genetic I have, even that was bag Seed and so the sex is tbd. Actually it is perfect to have a Regular WW so that I can start breeding projects with whatever I get. Being able to freeze the pollen has been a huge help with breeding at all times of the year and a female plant as we know has many ways to produce multiple progeny. There will be no topping of WW, I intend to clone her is she is a female or otherwise contain him if he is a male. I haven’t done an update for WW in a while but she (fingers crossed) is a month old as of the 13th. There was a slight (but very gusty) wind storm which blew her out of her 1L pot so I have since transplanted her into a 10gal airport. If she is a female she has a very healthy start, she shows almost no signs of stress from the transplant and windstorm except for some yellowing of the leaves which could be from the hot mix of Black Magic paired with slight root loss during the transplant/storm. She’s had one full-heavy feeding, since she is in large container for her size I decided to prep the already hot Black Magic soil with some Advanced nutrients, I will go into the feeding more once I have a full update on WW. Most likely during the big reveal, male or female.

Also I have started a vegetable garden and am beginning to set up a perpetual system for some of the faster growing plants that need harvesting. Lots of mini projects but it’s nice to be busy in the garden!


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