Happy Earth Day! late post

Earth Day is actually an odd concept to me, I grew up in the outdoors and spent a lot of my time camping. I was taught to be thankful for what we have and to leave it a better place then when I got there. It’s a simple concept really, I’m sure we have all been to a campsite or park with trash in the bush or under a table, pick it up and put it in the proper container, recycling is there for a reason!

So that’s my two sense on Earth day, and really a lot of other holidays and trends. Following through is key and ‘one n done’ only works some of the time.

Here’s an update on a seeded girl. The medium is horrible, but this is what I had my plants growing in over the winter…straight S. Peat Moss, it was sunshine mix and I thought that it would be great. I knew it was inert or otherwise neutral but I didn’t realize actually how barren this stuff was. All of the growth I saw from my plants was from the food stored in the seed for the plants initial development. Good seeds will be able to pack enough food and nutrients to get a plant to their 5th or 6th node in just peat moss or otherwise a neutral medium but after a point the plant doesn’t show signs of deficiencies, it will just die. A container of only Peat moss, and I’m sure CoCo is the same, will act as a sponge and soak up every drop of water it can. I used nothing to aerate my medium so it was a lesson I had to learn. Perlite or Hydroton is necessary in almost every grow!

These videos are a few days apart. The seeds were a light green in the first clip and in the second clip the seeds have become green all the way through. Some are even beginning to darken further which I will document on here. The seeds on this girl will go straight into Black Magic mix and then I will start a phenohunt this summer for a Male to store pollen and of course the females to run their genetics. This is a ‘seed to seed’ run and so I’m not too interested in bud/bouquet and more on the phenotypes I want in my garden. A small girl like this one won’t give any bud to test after her Seeds drop but I have the two Golden ribbon sister-mothers that I pollinated to test those buds. All of the girls in my garden that have seeds were pollinated by hand with frozen pollen from my 2016 genetics I stored. 

  • Golden Ribbon – sister 1
  • Golden Ribbon – sister 2
  • Brown Ribbon – (clips above)
  • *Pink Ribbon – sister 1
  • *Pink Ribbon – sister 2

* these girls were also pollinated with the frozen pollen however it was Easter weekend and it rained…so if I get seeds from these females, those are going to be miracle seeds.

These ladies in the 5gals are the Golden Ribbon geneticsof my garden, these color labels are all arbitrary until put on to a plant, then Gold Ribbon is Gold Ribbon so on and so forth. If I name these ladies they will still always be labeled as ‘2016 Gold Ribbon – new naming convention’ or some other name that I call it. All of these genetics except the new White Widow are my own genetics each with multiple and separate pollination runs.

I really like these Gold Ribbon sisters and each for a different reason. The purple is from the cold winter/spring that just passed but I’m sure later in the fall I will get even more colors from that girl on the left. The bright green lady on the righ,  I hope will have something special that shows through her progeny. Needless to say I have high hopes for all of these ladies.


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