Update on the garden

(Top view of White Widow sapling)

I’ll have to double check the date on this girl(fingers crossed), but I’m pretty sure this is finishing up week 2. The Seed soaked for 3-4 days, then it took another 2-3 days for the cotyledons to show so it could be said that ilthis plant is mid week two finishing up week three. Genetics, soil, fertilizer, water, etc are all contributing factors to a healthy and vigorous plant. Light cycle plays a role but in an outdoor grow the grow is subject to the cycles of the sun. Supplemental light may be require in specific grows but is not the standard for growing outdoors; plant at a reasonable time and allow for the plant to mature properly. These are the best precautions for growing a vigorous plant.

This little one is starting to get its second set of leaves. This is a white widow, however whenever growing single seeds like this one I go with the IndicaRuderallisSativa regime which is more wholistic gardening.

It’s up to each grower to define what their Indica is and their Sativa, Ruderallis is iffy but good for experiments and projects since it is otherwise ditch weed which depending on how you view genetics can be the genetics that unlocks something special in your personal grow.


This is a tester strain. It is one of the strains that survived the winter. I have a few that are all being seeded out for more testing.  Just because a plant can survive the cold does not mean it is adapted for the heat and vice versa. You will see this a lot, the plant has a trait you like then a few that are god awful. For example, you top the plant once and it gives strong branches from below, top it once more and it now grows thin scraggly twigs that won’t support any bud. When a plant tops funny or I top the plant incorrectly I usually pollinate it and try to start over. I can always take note of how those mothers develop and can pick from those buds then also have the next progeny to raise right there with the first bud/smile test. Those mothers get revegged and grown out along their new stock, These can be F1 or further backrosses from the male that grow out during the original Seed run, and so on and so forth.


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