Grow Log: WW-week1

It’s begun, week 1 has come to a close! The little sap shown here has had what I think is the best starting life I have provided for my plants. I soaked the White Widow Seed in rain water and left it outside to get blasted by the sun. On the second day of it soaking up the sun it began to rain which in Seed form I did not mind at all. Fast forward a few days later, I soaked a peat pellet in the water I had the Seed soaking and started the germination process. 3-4 days in the Cotyledons were reaching for the light. The weather was a bit too cold and dark for my liking and so I supplemented the light indoors with a small t8 till the storm passed.

This was my only Seed I had to plant for April, until I hit a bit of luck and found a Gorilla Glue seed in a friends top shelf bud. He had a qp and not a single seed until he ground up a nug for me, I couldn’t believe it! If you look closely you can see the Seed soaking in rain water in the pic above(the glass was a gift from my brother and has given me some great success germinating so it has become a novelty to start my seeds in there), it almost sinks to the bottom but slowly rises to the top so I will move it into a peat pellet in a day or two.

I bought a bag of Black Magic that these seeds will grow their life in. Even if both seeds are males I have some females that I can pollinate to get some new seeds from those. Those females have been seeded and should be ready to drop their seeds in 3-5 weeks, these mothers will also start revegging now that they have been moved from 12-12 indoor to outdoor. Starting seeds end of fall to mid winter you can grow the plants out, sex and pollinate them so that come April 20th the pants can be placed outside to reveg which will have no effect on the seeds and allow for a second continuous season with those females. I have a male plant that I have done the same thing to although Males(pollen) are harder to handle than Females where you only have to worry about size and smell as far as containment goes.


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