From Seed to Shining Seed

I started pollinating my females my first grow. I didn’t want to be second guess myself about this or that years down the line had I not tried my hand at breeding. Certainly adding dusting some pollen onto a few girls is not going to make you a breeder but I had a good amount of Both M/F plants that I was able to get in a few pollination runs my first year.

As many Seeds as I make I have killed just the same. I’ve tossed seeds in all kinds of medium just to see.

This season is exciting for me for many reasons. I’ll be growing in Black Magic so that is certainly exciting to test new soil. What I am most excited for is this years new Seed stock. It’s my first time having used frozen pollen but already I have some seeds developing. These mothers are also going to reveg so I can later backcross some of the seeds with their living mother as wells as future clones I make of her. I have two sister mothers with seeds from frozen pollen! It’s really exciting to get everything prepped and planned for the season.

I was able to freeze some pollen from 2016. I’m not sure if the conditions require for freezing pollen other than it needs to be more pollen than leaf matter. I used a HyperChiller to store my bagged pollen.

It takes 40-60+ days for seeds to fully mature. Once you get the hang of breeding and having continuous Seed stock to test and grow it becomes very difficult to keep track of seeds and pollen. Seeds I store in a dark closet or drawer. They sit in a cigar box I’ve had for as long as I can remember. I keep my pollen sealed in cryostasis stored away in my HyperChiller for phenohunt a and breeding projects. The HyperChiller stays cold for hours outside so hiking pollen to an outdoor location is no problem.

Really looking forward to this HyperChiller grow!


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