Turning a New Leaf

It seems that I have hit a bit of bad luck. Maybe it is because I made no posts in March, but really it was poor planning and over zealousness that has once again killed off some of my genetics. Sadly there has been some lost genetics and this will be hard lessons learned.

Learn from me, really, if you’re taking the time to read this and investing the money there are a few things that will just save you through each season. It’s Easter today and had my winter season gone according to plan I would have some Seeds ready to germinate and those Seedstock-mothers would be outside revegging. There was a fair amount of rain, and everything got soaked. I was able to do some transplanting which hopefully will get these plants back in shape.

Here’s what happened…this past winter(2016) I started my first indoor grow. I started a phenohunt with my new seed stock and did not prepare for such a cold winter. It was also during this time that I had set most of my other plants into their final pots for the winter. Unfortunately there was not enough aeration for the roots to breath and over time the plants stunted and stopped taking up nutrients.

Poor soil, and untested water. Really these are going to be any gardens Achilles heel and so this season I am pulling out all the stops. Whereas previous grows I tried mixing all my own soils and nutrients, which is fine and has worked, this summer I will be purchasing premixed super-soil. The amendments I add will be during transplants and if I provide a top dressing throughout the grow it will be for that stage of development.

Here’s the good news! This is going to be a ‘Grow with Me’ season where what I use and what I do can be replicated. Water and Outdoor environment of course won’t be able to be mimicked but the rest of the materials will be something most can get access to.

It’s going to be a BLACK MAGIC grow!
I’m really, really excited for this. I have been holding off purchasing this soil and finally when I do it happens to be on sale, score! I was almost going to do a repeat grow and just use the local Kellogg’s compost mix from Home Depot. I do highly recommend buying a 1.5cuf of some locally made organic compost and just growing straight in there; go light on the watering since it will be an extremely hot medium. Then during the hot days give it a good drenching so that you can allow for long periods for the compost to dry out, this will activate all the microbes and other biology in the compost and will give the plant all the nutrients it needs through the whole grow. I like for my plants to cannibalize themselves before harvest so continuing light watering with long drying out periods till the bud is ready is what I normally do.

This summer(2017) however, since I am using Black Magic I am expecting for it to dry out a lot quicker than compost would so I will be keeping a more steady eye on the development/containers. I do have a new breeding project to run. This will be even more exciting because I have two Sister-Mothers that I have seeded out(these ladies are covered and oozing with crystals!) and so I will be able to do a phenohunt for each of those plants to find some very specific traits. I don’t plan on culling any of the unwanted genes so I am going to grow out all of the plants as uniformed as their genetics allow. Alongside this new pheno run I have a White Widow sprouted and Guerilla Glue soaking in rain water.

All in all as a breeder I am not looking for flower at the end of each season but more viable stock to breed for the next seasons to come. Breeding can be one or many seasons and so these new seeds will be a long process of selecting what to breed out for the next growing seasons. Even if I pollinate every female I have for one season I am looking at how those plants produce bud, seed, and later how the plant revegges.

Updates, pictures and more to come. Hopefully going to get things formatted so that I can post more frequently with much more ease.


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