Growing Green

I’m looking at some DIY greenhouses and some smaller units for my backyard. I’ve had some greenhouse bud and like how it grows, of course it’s dependant on the strain but the bud was fluffy yet not too airy while still being dense and potent like indoor. I have a good sized garden bed I am going to put some clones in come March/April, no till and supplemental growing really benefits outdoor crop and I think it’s much more natural than a mono-crop garden.

2017 I will be able to support outdoor, indoor, and a greenhouse if I get the ball rolling. If I get a greenhouse going I will be able to greatly reduce the electricity I am using while also opening up the indoor grow room for more flowering space. April/June I would be able to veg seeds/clones in the greenhouse to then be moved for a late outdoor season or flower them indoors. At this point I would only be using electricity for 12 hours a day indoors and supplementing the greenhouse during fall/winter/spring should I keep it going during those seasons.

I want to get more seeds but with most of the plants in their final pots ready to flower or clone out I have limited space for the time being. I’m going to start my spring cleaning this week and get my cloner and indoor setup ready for some more genetics. Look back for more projects and some DIY videos!


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