Growing your own vs Growing for others

Marijuana, ganja, refer, dope, smoke, whatever you call your medicine there is a certain focus when talking about this plant, Cannabis. Smokers who understand or are beginning to understand this plant have something similar to reverence for the crop. It’s a respect I think many people feel with specific tools for their trade, whatever you have it’s what you do with the tools that matters though.

Grow your Bob Ross! I grew up watching Bob Ross in art class and like most am blown away at his skill and mastery of the techniques he teaches.

Germination, vegetation, flowering, harvest, cure, and consumption; each stage of the plants life needs to have some kind of regimen it is put through. Less is more of course and nothing at all is still a technique that is viable for growing cannabis. Growing hands off is absolutely possible, after all 20 minutes a day is enough to grow your own and be satisfied with the results. However hands off does not always work.

To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it.


I am going through some Confucius quotes, personally I have always favored

The superior man acts before he speaks and later speaks according to his actions.

– Confucius

It is from my experience when trying out new things that modesty and understanding of ones place is key to results and excellence. More so that all of what you hold true and dear to yourself. The amount of knowledge you have relevant to others who have been in you place before is significantly less than those with proven experience.

Knowledge and experience are certainly not the same nor is one necessary to have the other. This is the unfortunate reality and truth, and why most beginners are dubious of those with experience and unshared knowledge.

From seed to harvest is not the full process of Marijuanas life cycle, it ends in ash and rises in the consumer. Just like yeast though, it will not rise if neglected or disturbed during vital points of its life cycle. Of these the most vital stages of a plants life is the beginning and end. Starting clean and correctly leads to better habits further in the grow.

Flushing at the end of flowering is the final stages of the flowering process, there are still several more process’ that require diligent attention and can make or break a season. It is unfortunate when a great crop is handled poorly at the end especialy when a hands off approach during this phase yields the most results. Handling cut, trimmed, and harvested cannabis degrades the quality. If it is in your bones to handle some weed while you’re trimming and curing certainly go for it. Select buds for yourself and seperate them from buds for others, however understand that seperating and handling cannabis early for personal use should be just that, personal use.

Be aware of the time you invest in curing for others and always allow for a longer cure than expected. The result will pay out in the long run.

When you are labouring for others let it be with the same zeal as if it were for yourself.

– Confucius

Be proud of the plant you are growing at every stage of it’s life. Actually plan for each process to fully develop in the plant you want to smoke. Finally and most importantly, please plan for a curing process so that your work can be best represented to others. If you’re smoking your own, respect yourself enough to practice perfect techniques or at the very least be understanding that there are other ways and means.


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