Cruise Control

Seeds are in the containers and clones have been cut ready to root. I allow for long periods for the soil to dry out. Water can easilly cause most of the problems in a garden and I have selected for plants that like less feeding yet still grow the way I want my crop to.

Depending on the weather I may put some plants outside to begin flowering. It is still dark out for up to 13 hours a day here and so it is the perfect environment to start flowering in. Eventually in March I will need to bring the plants back indoors so that they stay on a 12/12 light cycle. Sometime by the end of Aprilto Early June should the plants be ready to harvest.

Theres not much to look at on each of my plants. Most of them have gone through a pretty rough winter and have either been stunted, revegged, or begun to die off due to my inexperience. It is very challenging to grow a variety of strains in a garden as a new grower. My first winter was absolutely a hurdle and watering became almost impossible.

The winter cold has stuck around still as Spring approaches. I watered too early unfortunately and several plants have begun to wilt. The weather is warming up and I can nurse those plants back to health however it is still one more failure to learn from. It seems that these Indicas I am growing out require almost no water at all which may or may not be desirable anyway. I see these failures as room to grow, literally and figuratively. As each plant dies off it opens more space for another plant to grow so really I am always comfortable with the ‘natural selection’ that occurs in the grow room.

Been having trouble uploading images/videos but I will be putting those together and starting a grow series on YouTube so check back for updates on each posting!


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