Purchasing Cannabis Seeds

As April 20th approaches and the weather in some regions is more suitable for growing it’s important to be fully prepared for each grow season. A clean grow area and equipment should be at the top of any growers list, I have some spring cleaning to do myself. Not ever season should run new genetics, I urge each grower to find a nice looking strain with regular seeds (M&F) so that you can try your hand at breeding. If course if your space has room and you are confident keeping the pollen contained.

For new growers especially I recommend breeding earlier rather than later. Cloning is absolutely a technique that each grow should be comfortable doing, as with many other damaging techniques to increase development. Cloning and breeding work in tandem with each other and while it certainly isn’t necessary to be skilled with one technique to learn the other, cloning is a beneficial prerequisite to have. Breeding has a mind of it’s own and is just as much an art form as growing. Using clones to further breed with accelerates exponentially selective breeding and whatever practices you introduce to your garden.

It’s easier, now it seems, to have more clones than seeds. My Dad and many other older cannabis users will be able to share story after story of what came in their bags back in the day. Of course most of use don’t want to go around gambling our money in the hopes we are buying sinsemilla tree. I will admit I am first in line to buy from seeded tree, or try and convince you to buy it in hope of an easter egg for that years grow. We should all try to grow more, cannabis may not be the plant for you but there are certainly many beneficial plants that should otherwise be grown at home and are very easy to do so! Supplementing your garden with variety of plants is also something more growers should try their hand at.

Legumes are great for your garden! These are Nitrogen fixing plants and can really benefit your garden. My Nono can take a handful of any patch of dirt from his garden and there will be bulbs and legume seeds every time. Purchasing these seeds is easy and more stores supply seeds than you may have been aware. Of course Cannabis seeds are a different story but also just as easy.

Upon writing this post ‘The Single Seed Centre’ is unavailable so I cannot link you to their site. I have been in contact with them before and they reply within a business week most often. I have made orders from this seed bank before and can say I was very pleased with the selection and pricing of seeds. Onyx Auto caught my eye and it has since been bred into my garden and has helped me breed two strains that I am working in named ‘Reptar’ and ‘Poultra’ as with a few other strains that are less vigorous.

I can say that I will be making another purchase through Herbies Seeds for this next outdoor season. I want to grow out some genetics that others can grow along with me if I document the process  adequately. Herbies has a lot of promotions that I have because of their wode variety of seeds makes it one of the best ‘candy shop’ seed banks online.

***Free Seeds at Herbies Headshop***

Of the many vendors and breeders that are available through herbies not all are beginner friendly or even worth the price for most growers regardless of experience. Certainly if you want to ball out go for it, but this is why I say growers and breeders have different levels of knowledge and why breeders walk away with more. That’s not to say growing doesn’t have its challenges, I just view growing as a prerequisite to breeding more so. However due to the goal of each process, they are both equally important to excel in any one specific area of growing/breeding. You cannot grow/clone a plant to its fullest potential without understand genetics (inherently or not) similar to breeding, you cannot breed the best plant without first having grown the best parent plants. It all flips over on itself to help each stage of the plants life.

Beginner seeds

I’ve found that these manufacturers have a decently large selection of their own crosses as well as some with more wide spread genetics. For the price of 3 seeds you can have enough seeds for several grows, while also having the choice to breed. Regular seeds are my preference as I do like to restock on whatever genetics I am growing by pollinating a plant here and there. This keeps the genetics unique which is the novelty you are paying for from most other seed vendors.

Landrace strains and crosses with landrace genetics would also be the most advantageous to purchase and grow/breed out. These genetics are the backbone to many strains. Appropriately priced too, Landrace genetics are usually 20-35 for what looks to be stable landrace crosses. Be weary of purchasing strains that have been bred out with too many traits to choose from, less is more when it comes to the genetic palette.

Of course grow for yourself and select the seeds that best help you grow! Please leave a comment of any strain you have grown before and yiur thoughts!

I will be purchasing seeds before 4/20 to grow out for all to see. I will be breeding and showing my process from seed-harvest and all the techniques I implement in my grows.

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