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Help me help you, I’m going to prep my garden for some new genetics. I have a couple plants from the seeds I’ve made that I will run out and possibly clone for future grows. Since the plants have been vegging for 2-5+ months now I can flip the lights over whenever I want. Those 2month old plants haven’t been sexed yet and I’m hoping for some males among them. Really if one of each strain was M&F I would be ecstatic.

Continuing an indoor grow or taking my chances with the elements by moving the grow outside is what I’ve been mulling over. 2016 I brought the plants out Easter Sunday, I had already been weathering them a few hours a day for a week or so, and left the plants to veg outisde. Most of them revegged and grew single blade fan leaves which I don’t mind at all, certainly fat 7 bladed leaves are great and show the plant has been function properly it’s whole life. I like to experiment with potency techniqies and revegging seems to be one that helps me sustain a perpetual grow the most. It is far easier to reveg a plant Spring-Summer rather than Summer-Fall from my experience due to the amount of hours available for the plant. Of course an indoor setup can help revegg a plant however I’ve decided that unless I plan to reveg a harvested plant ahead of time and prepare for it properly will I try to reveg genetics indoors. Revegging is a tool for a breeder more so than a grower, I’ll go more in detail with this later while discussing regimens and cycles.

I was poorly equipped to handle the winter and so the females I was saving for a breeding project have pretty much died, they’re outside under the sun but still left out in the cold. Hopefully in a few weeks if there is any life left in them they will grow out again, most likely not.

I’ll be purchasing my seeds from Herbies for this grow season, as well as continuing to grow out my genetics. I’ve been planning a while for this grow season so I have high expectations set for myself. Check back for more updates on this years grow!

20 minutes a day!

The goal of this year is to be as hands off as possible. A lot of the issues I had in my last years grow was due to handling the plants too much or unnecessarily. During the winter, becuase of the poor health of my plants I nearly gave up on growing had it not been for some of the truly resilient plants that pushed through the cold and still thrived despite my inexperience. The gradual increase in health despite the cold environment must have been due to more attention of individual plants and a more hands off approach in the garden overall.

Focusing on one to two plants a day allowed for the rest of the garden to develop patientiently as their day approached for pruning and training. The cold made watering troublesome so really I avoided watering and feedings as much as possible, the soil stayed moist anyway and each plant had plenty of space to grow in their containers. Most every plant was transplanted and each time there was a plant or two that despite having enough roots for a larger container didn’t handle the transplant. Certainly growing out less of each strain helped with garden upkeep but it is unfortunate I missed out on selecting from those phenotypes. I would have culled the plants I was not going to breed with regardless and in a way this past winter was just a way of naturally selecting out the strongest genetics.

Depending on how lights are set up for the indoor grow I may not flower out any of the plants this Spring. I would really prefer to get a flower cycle in that way I can further sort from those genetics. The bouquet of each plant is a lot more robust than structure and overal development of the plant. The latter benefits the former yet the flower of each plant ultimately dictates what is grown in a garden most often. In a wild setting pollen of all varietes would be active for months on end and while seeds may not be as genetically identical as clones, it is in a plants best interest to pass equal and identical genetics to as many seeds as possible. Stable seed stock is possible because cannabis passes it’s genetics due to self preservation, the reproductive organs of a plant are a response to a decline in light and an attempt to prepare for the winter. I have two seeds now that sprouted while it was raining, they are dropped seeds from the previous breeding project, truly some easter eggs. I moved them indoors because the rain has been a bit too violent for my liking, these genetics will grow along side my ‘KK’ this outdoor season as with whatever new genetics I get. 

The two seeds that sprouted are of my own selected genetics crossed with ‘Onyx Auto’ perhaps if they are autos I may breed them out so that I have some new unknown genetics to work with this summer. The crosses I have made are only in their 2nd/3rd generations of testing with only one flower cycle to select for bouquet. Overal due to so many strains they are far from being ready, there are a few mothers I have to clone from and further breed with although that is most likely going to be kept under wraps and held off until another season. I will say that of the mothers I have found two plants that seem to grow more true/pure than the others. These have been named Reptar (Indica) and Poultra (Sativa) they are also crossed with an ‘Onyx Auto’ so the two seeds growing are sister/cousins of Reptar and Poultra. Reptar and Poultra are from the same cross as ‘Mother of All’ however these have a different mother, I no longer have the mothers or father of these strains, the females I labeled with various ribbons. Males were untagged and pollintated randomly on various side branches of select females.

Of the females I had them tagged as

  • Gold
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Pink
  • Orange

The males were from the same bag seed run as the females, potentially some were of the same genetics.

‘Mother of All’ – Heavy Indica Hybrid

  • Pink Ribbon • 2016 open pollen

Reptar – Indica

  • Blue Ribbon • 2016 open pollen

Poultra – Sativa

  • Purple Ribbon • 2016 open pollen

Most of the seeds made from 2016 were germinated and unfortunately neglected.

  • Orange Ribbon
  • Purple Ribbon
  • Blue Ribbon
  • Gold Ribbon
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Brown Ribbon

Each has genetics still growing, until they are vegged out and more of a plant to work with these will stay under wraps. Hopefully some males will show through so that I can breed out more seeds. Those seeds I will begin to select for potential specimens to back cross and implement more selective breeding.

I would not call these stable genetics at all, however I am going to start cloning Reptar, Poultra, and ‘Mother of All’ so that once I am ready I can start making crosses of each. I am more interested now with breeding out the undesired traits amoung the plants I do have, once the males show. Reptar and Poultra will have less projects and are going to be mostly clone only from my garden. ‘Mother of All’ will be cloned out the most to stabilize some of the generics I have in the garden. There are two Gold Ribbon females ready to flower that I will reveg and clone out, from those clones I will pick another ‘Mother of All'(Golden Goose?) since those gold ribbon females are from the same pollination run as ‘Mother of All’

I won’t be able to get mothers of each ribbon from 2016 since many did not make it however by the end of 2017 I should have mothers for

  • Pink – ‘Mother of All’
  • Gold – Golden Goose?
  • Blue – Reptar
  • Purple – Poultra
  • Orange – under wraps
  • Brown – under wraps

There are of course many different phenotypes of each ribbon since 2016 was an open pollination run. There are keepers among some phenotypes that grew entirely different than what I wanted from that ribbon, however I will be growing those out to make hybrids backcrossed with each other.

  • Pink Ribbon
  • Orange Ribbon
  • Blue Ribbon
  • Purple Ribbon 
  • Brown Ribbon

Each has varied phenotypes among their run. Once the males show each tray will be easier to make sense of and will then be culled/sorted by Indica/Ruderallis/Sativa, then selectively breed by the same process.

2017 will be a big year for the genetics I have because I will ultimately be selecting what I want to grow out in a homogeneous garden. I’m not apposed to finding new genetics to run and will be hunting for some new strains all year!


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