Database, Seed Finder, and other sources

Growing and Breeding alone are not enough to make for a good plant. Cannabis grows just likes its name sake, weed. If you breed in these traits, or neglect your plant, dispropotionatly to the ideal plant you will run in to problems growing.

I see value in unstable genetics, everything is in the eye of the beholder. Simply purchasing a given years cannabis cup because it won does not benefit you as a grower unless you have some knowledge on the lineage of that plant. Names are as much a novelty as the many boquets of a flower, take most everything with a grain of salt and determine for yourself where things lie.

A great amount of information can be found here at and it is in your best interest to make use of these types of resources. Please comment if there are any sources that have helped you in past grows. There is always something to read and we all have our own filters through which we seek out information.

Finding a seed bank or vendor is going to be a challenge, at least one that you can trust. At this point germinating seeds is unacknowledged by seed banks due to how seeds are sold. ‘Novelty seeds’ as they are called are for the purpose of collecting. Personally I trust the larger companies to not misslabel their product, although it seems it does happen. In the case of misslabeled genetics really I would advise you as a grower to not invest heavilly in the name of a plant to begin with, unless dealing first hand with the vendor where the product is more likely to be what you are buying. Not all clones are created equally, growing with clones can still supply a breeder with enough genetic variations as seed stock so as always take things with a grain of salt. If I could pick the individual seeds from a run I would, the earlier you start selecting for the ideal plant the sooner you can grow it.

If getting seeds is legal for you certainly get some and start growing your own. My first purchased seeds were from .Currently the genetics I have are my own and so are not available. As my techniques progress so does the flower my plants produce, until I have determined a more fixed regimen for my genetics they will stay under wraps. Having always grown with multiple strains I’ve been able to mix my F1s with Hybrids making almost pure crosses. Landrace, Pure, F1, Hybrid is an interesting topic that seems to get focused on one period of time. Putting these varieties into categories to create a larger spectrum for the discussion to expand upon helped me quickly breed out undesired traits and better support the qualities I preferred.

Identifying the variables in growing is easier than it sounds. Controlling those variables and allowing them to take control is the challenge. No matter the environment or genetics cannabis can grow, allowing as little interaction while supporting the plant as efficiently as possible creates the most growth. Implementing techniques and regimens should be for the sake of further understanding the individual plant that is growing.


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