Cannabis Genetics 101: Preface

I will preface this by saying there are certainly better growers out there than myself, although I wouldn’t put myself at the bottom of the totem pole. Regardless of experience and the genetics I currently have, establishing a base line of understanding is necessary to become a good breeder and grower. The two work in tandem with each other, despite the need to keep pollen away.

Certainly being a better and more experienced grower will help ease the process of creating and understanding genetics. I don’t think an experienced grower has a lack of understanding on genetics, however flowering and breeding out genetics are two seperate arts that draw from similar techniques and practices.

There are numerous resources on the subject of growing and breeding. Find a perspective you like and roll with that but leave yourself open to new techniques and practices. Selective Breeding or Open Pollination are the two process a grower can implement to breed genetics. Each process further progresses the genepool of the plants you are working with, it is up to the grower to decide what traits are more favorable and to breed accordingly. Until traits are understood and defined at each stage of growth can a full understanding of genetics be gained. Applying keywords through various perspectives creates a spectrum that a grower can breed in.

  • Environment
  • Light
  • Water
  • Medium

Expanding upon these points makes for a better grower and breeder.

  • Indica
  • Ruderallis
  • Sativa

Defining the plant that you are working with establishes a baseline for a regimen to be created. Each variety of plant grows at different rates and expresses different traits based on its origin. Finding a Landrace strain is an ideal choice to start breeding with, these allow for a fuller understanding of the specific plant you are growing. I started with bag seed and so cannot say specifically where or how my plants thrive best until those conditions are introduced. I can still selectively pick the traits I want to grow in my garden and from there can breed plants with fuller genetics selected by my own hand.

At the end of the day genetics are unknown until the plant is grown, ‘clone only’ genetics have certainly made their way into seed stock along with a flood of new breeders introducing unstable and untested genetics. Good seed stock should inherently be stable, there are certainly instances however where based on breeding practices unstable genetics are more favorable. The numerous ways to approach breeding and how one understands genetics really enables a great environment for new genetics and further discussion of cannabis.

Reasons for unstable genetics are entirely up to the grower/breeder. Taking a look at the plant you want to grow/breed/smoke allows for any given genetic to be applied in various ways. Many of these points will be rediscussed in further detail once a more established base line is applied. A grower should know the different stages of a plant and what best conditions to give for that plant to grow, breeding is an entire flip on the topic. Understanding how truly vigorous cannabis can be doesn’t start until you grow from seed, breeding expands further upon this understanding when nature is left to take its course. Seeds will sprout under all manner of conditions and really until a grower is breeding their own stock they won’t be able to interact with cannabis fully or on a large enough scale to see enough phenotypes/genotypes.

Breeders are the true keepers of knowledge when it comes to cannabis. No other method allows to grow the most diverse and ideal plant. Cloning certainly has it’s uses and benefits breeding tremendously, the two work in tandem with each other and further expand the possibilites for both grower and breeder. Cannabis Cup winning genetics would not be possible if it were not for breeding nor would massive breeding projects be feasable without cloning. Growing/Cloning and Breeding work hand in hand with each other and an ability to successfully practice these techniques makes for a better plant.

There will be more detail on growing and breeding for genetics, one cannot be discussed without an understanding of the other. Defining key words to discuss Cannabis will be a more in depth analysis but allows for a stepping off point for further topics.

Table of Contents: Genetics 101


Introduction to Cannabis


  • Seed
  • Clone

Identifying Cannabis:

  • Indica
  • Ruderallis
  • Sativa


  • Landrace
  • Pure
  • Hybrid
  • F1
  • Auto


  • Intro to Environment
  • Intro to Cycles
  • Intro to Lights
  • Intro to Epigenetics


  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Soil
  • Inert growing
  • Hydroponics
  • Aquaponics


  • CFL
  • T5/8
  • LED
  • Discharge
  • Ballasts
  • Solar Panels


  • Intro to Vegging
  • Intro to Flowering
  • Intro to Breeding
  • Intro to Cloning


  • Cycles
  • Intro to Do’Dec’El
  • Intro to The Gauntlet
  • Intro to The Ringer

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